Croydon Town Hall by Murray Scott

About the Croydonist

Welcome to the Croydonist – an ever growing collection of the best bits of our borough according to us. From cocktails and cuisine, to quirky culture, and cool Croydon people, we write about it if we like it.

Behind the Croydonist are Angela Martin (Croydon convert) and Julia Woollams (Croydon native).

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Co-founders and lead writers

Angela’s particular passions are food and films, when she’s not composing music that is. These are subjects that regularly feature in her Cronx musings.

Julia, a graphic designer by trade, loves nothing more than writing about the quirks and culture of Croydon (especially when it includes the 50p Building).

Guest writers

Sam Hill is a food, beer and wine obsessive who enjoys experiencing and writing about all the culinary delights that Croydon has to offer.

Kake is a local historian who relishes uncovering surprises in various archives, as well as exploring and documenting Croydon as it is today.

Ian Packham is an adventurer, travel writer, events speaker and Croydon native contributing from on the road in Italy as he researches his great uncle’s war years.

Jack and Aneisha, who live together in Addiscombe, Croydon with Smudge the dog and Boo the cat, are founders of independent pet food brand Scrumbles.

Grace Robinson, runs her virtual PA agency from Croydon. She is a Southeast Asia expert who loves travel and new experiences in CR0 and beyond.

Tom Smithson is a Mental Health counsellor and founder of New Horizon Counselling, working from the Business Xchange Hub, East Croydon. His goal is to help others help themselves and their mental health.

Rhiannon Cobb is an aspiring children’s TV presenter with a background in radio. She has a love for the creative arts and is originally from the Isle of Wight. She moved to Croydon at 16 to pursue her dream at the BRIT School.

Tania Rahman works at the British Museum and attended Old Palace School from 1988 to 1993.

Hannah Clemens is a born and bred Croydoner and self-confessed foodie, working as a marketing and brand consultant for local businesses.

Photo by Murray Scott