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CCL artists talk IWD

8 March 2024

Today is of course International Women’s Day 2024, and this year the focus is on inspiring inclusion by celebrating diversity and empowerment.

So what better day to catch up with three of our female Cro Cro Land artists? We chat with Louisa from She Drew The Gun, Lilith Ai, and Lex from Bugeye about IWD, our upcoming Cro Cro Land Festival, their music and more.

Croydonist: First up, where are you from and if you could sum up your music in one sentence what would it be? 

Louisa: I’m from the Wirral, and the music, Scouse coast junkyard trip-pop for the revolution.

Lilith: I’m from North London, And the music I make is cherry flavoured grunge. It’s indie rock.

Lex: Bugeye is a London-based band with their roots in Croydon, and I am SO glad I moved from Kent in 2018 to be able to have met them not that long ago! Otherwise I’d be somewhere totally different, who knows, maybe playing the spoons or something? Our music summed up is like…an electro punk rock infused sandwich made up of many ingredients from all our influences thrown in topped off with a fiery sprinkle of gritty black pepper (Angela’s epic vocals!) A kind of musical BLT I guess with a kick!

Croydonist: This year’s IWD theme is ‘Inspire Inclusion’ – what does this mean to you in relation to the music industry? 

Louisa: I suppose when I think about inclusion its about women’s voices in the music industry, when I say voices I mean writing, creating, telling their lives, only 1 in 5 PRS members and 1 in 5 people with publishing/label deals are women, after that if you consider how many of these voices are working class? How many are ethnically diverse? There is a lack of inclusion of women’s experience in the artform of making songs, or at least those that are consumed, but it’s similar numbers across the arts, and the problem is complicated and structural. I think it needs more than inspiration, it needs a movement, but I guess every voice that does get through is a win and every woman playing her heart out to a room of people inspires another.

Lilith: The music industry is not inclusive at all, it’s all nepo babies and random luck. The best thing about now is that the industry is being dismantled by the freedom of tiktok and stuff. I only wish it happened sooner.

Lex: Inspiring inclusion to me means giving everyone who’s anyone the same opportunities to create and be a part of the music industry freely and respectfully and without prejudice. We are all just people in a very complex world doing what we enjoy and no one should take advantage of that or try to sabotage someone’s right to enjoy music.

Croydonist: What are you particularly looking forward to about playing Cro Cro Land? 

Louisa: There was a great vibe there last time, I think it’ll be even better this time, good people, looking forward to playing because it’s the first one in a while and catching some inspiration from as many bands as I can.

Lilith: This will be my first show with my band! I’m so excited, we are gonna have so much fun.

Lex: As well as playing with Bugeye, I am especially looking forward to meeting all the other bands at Cro Cro Land and to be able to enjoy the music they’ve put so much effort into making. Just seeing everyone having the best time doing what they love! I mean that’s why we do it right?!

Croydonist: what is the number one piece of music kit you couldn’t live without? 

Louisa: My guitar, but also I couldn’t live without voice notes app on my phone!

Lilith: My 2 guitars.

Lex: Guitar tuner…

Croydonist: What’s next for you (after Cro Cro Land) musically this year? 

Louisa: I’ve been recording, I’m excited, looking forward to putting something out into the world again, look out for the first howl soon.

Lilith: I’m putting my first studio album out on Vinyl, September 13th – you can order it now on bandcamp ♡♡♡

Lex: Well Bugeye have a tour starting just after Cro Cro Land and we will be recording some new tracks that we’re currently writing which is super exciting! After that, maybe another tour later in the year. More gigs for sure though and a second album!

Thank you to Louisa, Lilith, and Lex for chatting with us.

See She Drew The Gun, Lilith Ai, Bugeye and many more bands at this year’s Cro Cro Land Festival, at the wonderful Stanley Arts on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April. Get your day or weekend tickets here.

Find out more about Cro Cro Land on the website, Instagram, X (Twitter) and Facebook.

Header images courtesy of the artists

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