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26 March 2020

As we adjust to our new life indoors, we are running a series of ‘Croydon at home’ articles to help us all to still fly the flag for Croydon from our sofas. This week we enter our ‘virtual’ Croydon art gallery and take a whistle stop tour of some of the fantastic Croydon-linked artists we’ve showcased over the years. The artists have all been inspired by our borough in some way, shape or form, whether they have lived here, worked here or see our town as their muse.

Now I know everybody’s taste in art is different. You might be all about the figurative, prefer something much more abstract, or indeed enjoy a bit of everything. Therefore I have attempted to curate our virtual gallery as five different rooms. The artists are very diverse in style, so please do take the room titles with a pinch of salt (and I am no RA Summer Show curator).

Have a virtual wander around, read more about each artist if you like, and most of all enjoy the visual wonder…

The Portrait Room 

We start in the Portrait Room with an explosion of vibrant colours, a bit of Pop art, some surreal portraits, and a range of emotions.

Virtual art gallery: SimOne



Virtual art gallery: Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons


Virtual art gallery: Jaybee Art

Jaybee Art 


Virtual art gallery: Kay Lovesah

Kay Lovesah


Virtual art gallery: The Third Man

The 3rd Man


Virtual art gallery: Nicky Nicholls

Nicky Nicholls

The Croydon Room

We now head into the popular Croydon Room. We are massive fans of all art representing our iconic architecture and urban environment (we actually have our own private Croydon gallery, er, wall, in our house). From turning our buildings into Sci-fi scenes or mid-century style patterns to representing our neighbourhoods and culture, this room should have art for all tastes.

Virtual art gallery: Gavin Kinch

Gavin Kinch


Virtual art gallery: Kate Marsden

Kate Marsden


Virtual art gallery: Lis Watkins

Lis Watkins


Virtual art gallery: Matt Bannister

Matt Bannister


Virtual art gallery: SceneIn Croydon

Scene In Croydon


Virtual art gallery: Bev Jones

Bev Jones

The Photography Room

If you enjoyed the Croydon Room and have a love of photography you’ll appreciate this room, as these two photographers capture the architecture in our town exquisitely.

Virtual art gallery: Glenn Foster

Glenn Foster


Virtual art gallery: Louise Gough

Louise Gough

The Fantastical Room

Whether it’s fantastical, sci-fi or surreal, the art in this room definitely provides some extremely enjoyable escapism.

Virtual art gallery: James Oliver

James Oliver


Virtual art gallery: Frankie Curtis

Frankie Curtis


Virtual art gallery: Angela Crow

Angela Crow


Virtual art gallery: Bareface

Bareface Art

The Abstract Room

The art hanging in this room is very varied and really defies categorising, from free embroidery art to orchids bordering on abstraction. If you’re after something surprising  this is the room for you.

Virtual art gallery: Cherilyn Yeates

Cherilyn Yeates


Virtual art gallery: Morgan Davy

Morgan Davy


Virtual art gallery: Tina Crawford

Tina Crawford


Virtual art gallery: Liv Healey

Liv Healey

Oh and make sure you support the gallery ‘gift shop’. Lots of the artists featured have their own online shops, so if you would like to purchase some Croydon art to brighten up your living room, please do click through to their websites to find out more.

A huge thanks to all the Croydon-linked artists we’ve showcased over the years. We look forward to featuring many more inspired by our borough. 

Header image photo by Thomas Q on Unsplash, adapted by the Croydonist with art from Kate Marsden, James Oliver and Lis Watkins.

Our first  ‘Croydon at home’ article looked at some of Croydon’s top takeaways (take 1) which you can read here. Please make sure you check the situation with individual eateries as the situation is evolving and rules change.

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